News Archive

3 August, 2003 - Hi all! A scene is available to watch of Promise, along with a scene from each episode of Legendary Adventures. We're getting closer and closer to full episodes, so stay tuned!

2 August, 2003 - It's been a while, eh? Well, the page for our newest film, "Promise", is up, along with the final intro of LA. We'll have full episodes up soon, since we found a place to store them. Also today is the birtday of one of SYNAPSE's contributors, Danielle Ellenson! Happy birthday!!

11 June, 2003 - A new link, the hompage of our local filmmaking peers at, has been added. Not much else, though we will have the first full episode of LA soon (More than likely within a few days).

7 June, 2003 - The introduction of Legendary Adventures has been redone, although this will not be the final version, it is available for download. Also, a portion of the Training Scene Between Vokail and Cero is also available for download.

3 June, 2003 - The page for Legendary Adventures is now online, along with the preview for LA Episode I and the LA intro, available for download. (They require WinZip and Windows Media Player 9).

2 June, 2003 - Many pages added, and the LA Episode II Preview is actually online! All we can do for space right now is have previews, but we'll hopefully soon have a new hosing service that we can put this all on... cross your fingers for us, people...

1 June, 2003 - Reconstruction is beginning, we're revamping the whole site