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The primary reason for the existence of SYNAPSE is our films. Though we have a minimal budget, we work with what we have, and have fun while doing it. That's what really matters.

Below are links to pages on each of the films we have (or are currently) produced. Though we have yet to get the actual films online, there are screenshots and scripts for each of the films.

Star Trix

Our very first (and very experimental) film, Star Trix used action figures insteadof live action. Though extremely low budget, it's more of a tribute to the idiosyncracies to Star Trek than anything else (and it gave us something todo).

Legendary Adventures

Our first orignal films, Legendary Adventures is an action/adventure episodic series about a group of kids who find a statue. It gives them powers, but one of them is endowed with an evil spirit, and goes on a killing spree.

Fast Cut

A parody of the recent trend in action-packed, "exciting" racing movies, this tells the story of Lane Johnson, whom after moving into town, discovers the fast-paced world of tractor racing. (Currently on hiatus)


A short film about a bounty hunter dealing with a choice: a high priced bounty... or his love... (Currently on hiatus)


John Carnigan is seemingly a 16 year old loner with no past, adopted by a family at three. His one friend, Ben Jolenson, is his adopted parents' child. Different from those around him in a dark way, he and his friends are thrust into a plot of epic scale. (Currently in pre-production)

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