Death is never more than a breath away...

'Evangelion - Revelation' is based of the very popular (and some would say most controversial) anime, 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'. It is set one month after the events of the last two episodes in an alternate reality where the movie, 'End of Evangelion', did not happen. More pieces of the Dead Sea Scrolls have been recovered by SEELE, but intercepted by Gendo Ikari. He has summoned the delivery of a new Eva, Evangelion Unit 05, and the Fifth Child, Jonathan Ayamoto, in preperation for something NERV has never encountered before.

Below are links to the first two epsidoes of "Evangelion - Revelation". I hope you enjoy.

Episode 27 - "Wish/'Wurfel mit mir, Asuka...'"
Episode 28 - "The 6th Child/She dreamt a dream of death"

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