Welcome to SYNAPSE Studios, a small independent production company situatated in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Though we have art and fiction, our primary business is filmmaking, both original and fan films. The founders of SYNAPSE, Tom Draeger, Jason Hamack, and Brandon Springer, "do the best with the lowest budget possible". Though we are budding filmmakers, you have to start somewhere. Our strength is in our devotion to the art of filmmaking, and in the end, that's all you need.

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10 August, 2004 - Added Content to the Amaranthine Page.

26 February, 2004 - New banner and a small revamp of the site layout is complete. Amaranthine story overview is up to date and the main character casting list is finished. Errors on the site have been fixed.

16 August, 2003 - Well, the preview of Episode III is online for all to see. The server plans have temporarily fell through, though we're finding a solution.

10 August, 2003 - Very good news! Thanks to one Tyler Bavis, we will be moving our videos to a much larger, much faster host, so you'll actually be able to view them without years of waiting. They might be down for a few days or so because of it, but it's worth it.

9 August, 2003 - Well, we've been doing a lot of filming as of late and we have screenshots of Legendary Adventures: Episode III online. We'll have a preview soon. Trust us: it'll be the best yet.

4 August, 2003 - Finally, after months of waiting, Legendary Adventures: Episodes I and II are online for viewing! WOOHOO!!

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